"Everybody Hates us" - Donald Trump

                         "This old Europe bores me" Napolean

"The United States is guilty of systematic, constant, vicious, remorseless crimes...You have to hand it to America, it has exercised a quite clinical manipulation of power worldwide while masquerading as a force for universal good." - Harold Pinter (in his acceptance speech for the Nobel Prize for Literature)
"There is only one immediate danger for Europe, and that is American civilization" - French political scientist Maurice Duverger - 1964

"For the U.S. to continue it's strength I think it's almost necessary for our education system to be a lot better" Bill Gates

"I hate America, but I've never met an American I didn't like" - Re-qouted by Charlie Rose

"The illegal we do immediately, the unconstitutional takes a little longer" - Henry Kissinger - (during the Nixon administration)

"They say that in Europe, the government is afraid of the people, whereas in the U.S. the people are afraid of the government." - Re-qouted  by Michael Moore

"I would much rather have America's problems than Europe's" - German Investment Banker - June, 2008

"France does not know it, but we are at war with America. Yes, a permanent war; a vital war; an economic war; a war without death." French President Francois Mitterand - 1996